I Love to Hike

June 27, 2018

I love to hike, especially around western North Carolina. It also brings me back to my

childhood because when I was a child my dad would take me along with my six siblings, two dogs, and of course, my mother out for a long hike through the heavily wooded area behind our home in the small town I grew up in, Swansea, Massachusetts. We’d hike what seemed to be for miles, (it was probably a mile), to the 'big rock'. We grumbled, we whined about it but in the end, we always enjoyed ourselves.
The whining seemed to stop once we passed the magical trailhead and hit the trail. It was as if the aroma of the forest around us, the crushed leaves and rich soil beneath our feet would transform us. We laughed, we played, we talked with one another all along the way. The big rock seemed enormous and dad often had some historical or other interesting point to make about who met here and what it meant to the folks before us.

What a gift he gave us by encouraging us to look up and outside of our little world and selves.

Now I'm grown and have a family of my own and we do the same thing with them. Often times Joe and I hear the same grumbles and whines, but I know the time we spent together builds deep roots to each other and the world around us.

It's been a while since we've been out in the woods, too long. At least one of our children has requests to go hiking regularly. I know we will get out there this week for sure.

What a blessing we have in the world around us and in each other.

Forest, here we come.

Here are a few shots from one of our favorite local photographers and avid hiker, Jared Kay.