Wellness has a wonderful side effect: Weight Loss! When we become well often we find weight loss comes along with it. We’ve been on our own journey to optimal wellness and have been trained to coach and teach others. Call to schedule your consultation with us now.

Our Story

We began our journey to wellness several years ago and proceeded to lose 125 pounds of unwanted fat.

Joe was almost 300 pounds at the time and I was about 170 lbs. Joe was working many focused hours a week at our magazine business, often eating on the road. He was watching in disbelief as his uncles and mom suffered ailments due to poor diet and lifestyle choices and decided that was not going to be his path.

I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our four young children, eating with no real plan. I wasn’t really paying attention to what we were doing, except to say that I thought we were doing better than we actually were.

We decided that we could live like this no more. Joe was first to take health and food choices more seriously and proceeded to burn fat through diet, supplements and exercise. The pounds melted away as he built muscle. He weighs over 100 pounds less now than then he did then. He learned how to eat and what exercises work for him. He is stronger than ever.

It took me a little bit longer to follow suit, but once I did, I found how easy it was to live and feel better with the right food choices, supplements and exercise. I lost 25 pounds in about 4 months and have maintained most of that loss since. I know what needs to change when I feel my clothes get tighter or start to feel sluggish. I now feel great and look much better too.

We have the tools to live well, be healthy, the knowledge and passion to share it with others. AskAnnamarie how we can assist you in your journey. We are here to coach you to better living and better health. Are you ready? Simply AskAnnamarie for help.


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